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FRABA is a group of enterprises that concentrate to provide advanced products like Magnetic Rotary Encoder and others that are used for the segments of industrial automation and motion control. POSITAL is a part of this group, popular as the leading manufacturer of absolute rotary encoders. With more than 50 years of presence in Rotary Magnetic Encoders, recently it has forayed into manufacturing Incremental Rotary Encoders. Presently, POSITAL is into the business of inclination and linear sensors as well. The other FRABA Group subsidiaries is VITECTOR which is a professional company, dedicated on the protection sensors for guarding doors and production machine covers.


Franz Baumgartner laid the foundation of FRABA in 1918. Until the 1960s, the group’s main product was Mechanical Relays. Then, FRABA began selling “brush” absolute encoders in 1963 and one the first non-contact, optical absolute rotary encoders was manufactured in 1973, at Cologne. Presently, all the group companies have specialization in offering innovative products like Incremental Rotary Encoders, Magnetic Rotary Encoder, which use ultra-modern technologies to deliver prodigious performance & value.


Termed as a sophisticated device, the absolute rotary encoders assists in solving various technical problems. To comprehend the complete potential of this product demands specialized knowledge during the selection of device configuration as well as in the programming of the operating parameters. With the aim to give customers the best product, POSITAL's development engineers in Germany, the US and Asia have dedicated themselves to provide utmost reliable support to all the customers. In addition, we have a continuously growing sales network which provides expert guidance to clients, combining the local requirements with it.


POSITAL Rotary Magnetic Encoders, and Incremental Rotary Encoders are manufactured in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The computer-guided semi automated manufacturing system keeps a track of the every device from order, from assembly & testing, to the final delivery of the encoders. We have nearly thousands of exclusive configurations available with us. Still, we keep the standard products in ready-to-ship manner, that too within five working days of the receiving an order.